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About Us

Investment One Global Advisors Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Investment One Financial Services Limited in Nigeria and part of the Investment One Group. We were set up as an international subsidiary to develop products for pan-African impact investors and support the growth of Investment One’s financial services across the value chain.

We were incorporated in 2021 (the first international subsidiary of the Investment One Group) as part of a strategic shift to enhance local market access for international investors and build a go-to provider of impact investment finance and financing. We aim to provide sources of growth capital for small to medium-sized entrepreneurial businesses in the impact and development space alongside a wider service offering that supports investment in West Africa and other sub-Saharan markets.

We have a team of experienced professionals who have charted the path of emerging market focused Investment Banking in the UK, on both the buy-side and the sell-side, providing portfolio services, structured finance, corporate finance advice and secondary market trading across multiple assets classes.

Our mission is to assist Africans, business owners and the investment community to optimise investment opportunities, manage investment risks, make informed financial decisions and enhance wealth creation across the board. In so doing, we intend to create close and sustainable partnerships with our clients within international and local markets.


Following authorisation, our initial product offering will span:


PRIVATE debt and funding solutions


Introductory and advisory service

Executive team

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